Ethics & Values


At the heart of being a quality professional soft skills trainer are:  effective teaching, professional practice, a strong set of values, and abiding by ethics.

The Purposes of INEMLA Ethical Standards & Values

  • Advocate its members to uphold and reflect upon values and ethical standards in business and in the teaching profession
  • Guide decision making based on values and good ethics
  • Represent a vision of ethical professional practice
  • INEMLA members will operate from an understanding in their position of trust and demonstrate responsibility in relationships with their students, co-workers, and co-trainers
  • Offer students of INEMLA trainers trust and confidence in knowing their teacher operates from ethical standards and values
  • Offer students of INEMLA trainers a body of complaint where it comes to their teacher upholding ethical standards and values

INEMLA Ethical Standards & Values

Our ethical standards include acceptance, fair-mindedness, emotional wellness, compassion, passion, human dignity, interest and insight in maximizing a student’s learning potential.


Each of our members adhere to moral and ethical principles, and operate from a place of honesty, reliability and moral action. This expresses itself in teaching, student-teacher relationship, course design, marketing, competing with other training suppliers, and business management. Continual reflection aids our trainers in exercising integrity in their professional commitments, responsibilities, and personal development.

Respect & Acceptance

Each of our members operate from an understanding that each person has value, personal quality and ability. At the core of respect lies trust, fair-mindedness, dignity, tolerance, and above all, acceptance. Our members model respect for spiritual values, cultural values, gender & preferences in sexuality, social justice, physical & mental illness, and the environment.

Confidentiality & Trust

Each member upholds confidentiality regarding personal information and business ideas provided by a student. Our members model respect for fairness, honesty, and trust.

Passion & Commitment

Each member embodies a commitment and passion for educating, learning, and positive change. This expresses itself in a trainer’s personal development, teachings, and the student-teacher relationship. Commitment to students is not only required during a training course, but also after. This expresses itself in offering post-course support and promoting continued learning.

Social Responsibility & Advocacy of Underprivileged Youth

All members have an obligation to act to benefit society.  This responsibility may be passive by avoiding engagement in socially harmful acts. Active responsibility is required for all members  to aid underprivileged youth through donation of time, money or effort.

INEMLA Standards of Practice

  • Dedication and commitment to the training profession
  • Promoting student learning
  • Operating from a place of integrity, respect, acceptance, confidentiality, and trust
  • Being current in their professional knowledge and continuing to seek development as a teacher
  • Reflecting on student development, educational psychology, pedagogy, course design and educational research
  • Adhering to policies and legislation
  • Professional conduct & practice
  • Members promote and participate in the creation of collaborative, safe and supportive learning communities.